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Massage Therapy

We take pride in offering the most personalized and highest quality massage therapy services in the Watertown, NY region. Because of our central location and high reputation for services, we see clients from a wide area from the 1000’s Islands to the Tug Hill Plateau and beyond.


The owner and founder of Treating the Root, Mary Chiappone, takes pride in personally getting to know each client, allowing our massage therapists to cater to each person's individual needs. This experience ensures you receive the best massage treatment personalized for beneficial relief.


Unlike other Watertown massage therapists, we don’t ask you to choose between deep tissue massage, swedish massage, trigger point massage, or other specific massage services. We firmly believe that taking the time to listen to your story and understanding your pain and ailments allows us to personalize our massage services and provide the greatest healing benefit for your long-term health.


Our wellness center specializes in massage therapy, cupping therapy, skincare, waxing, and acupuncture all designed to help you feel better, relieve pain, ease stress, and live a healthier and happier lifestyle.


We proudly accept VA insurance for our massage services and have extensive experience helping our local veterans. Call us today at (315) 405-4050 to schedule your appointment and start your healing journey.

30 minute personalized massage $50
60 minute personalized massage $85
Massage Therapy FAQs

What should I expect during my first massage visit? 

There will be a little paperwork for you to fill out. Followed by a health intake to learn about your health and what you are seeking treatment for. Any suggestions regarding music, talking, and anything that is on your mind regarding your massage treatment, is welcome communication at any time. All of this helps us to provide a massage customized to your needs. 


Is it okay to talk to the massage therapist during my massage?

Yes it is! But if you prefer little to no talking, then we can accommodate. The amount of communication can be adjusted to your preferences.


Will I be naked?

Our primary goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during and after your visit. You can unclothe to your comfort level. If you prefer to remain fully clothed, a chair massage is a great option. 

Other complementary services?

Check out our full line of health services or ask your massage therapist which complementary services they would recommend for your unique needs.  

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