Why should I get acupuncture?

There are many reasons one seeks acupuncture treatment. Many come in due to pain anywhere in the body. Acupuncture can help with a number of aliments though; from infertility to digestive issues. Along with, migraine headaches and head colds. If you have an ailment that you would like to know if acupuncture can help with, give us a call today or stop in and talk to one of us.


Does acupuncture hurt or leave marks?

Some people do not feel the needles go in at all, other people experience a very quick second of feeling the needle break through the skin. Occasionally, bruising may occur where a needle enters the skin. Cupping and gua sha are trained skills of an acupuncturist and these services are often combined with acupuncture at Treating the Root. These treatments may result in marks on the skin of some people that will fade away within a few days. Others do not receive any marks or will have slight redness directly after treatment.


Are there long-term benefits of acupuncture?

Benefits of acupuncture will vary from patient to patient depending on what symptoms they are having and how long the condition has been occurring. For this reason, it is best to talk with your therapist about what to expect during your initial consultation.


Are there side effects to acupuncture?

Any expected side effects will be reviewed with you before treatment starts. Common side effects are slight bleeding after the needle is taken out, or bruising where the needle was located. This is more common in people that bruise easily and we are able to help with this minimal side effect. Please notify us prior to your acupuncture treatment if you are on blood thinners. In extreme cases, organ punctures can occur. 


Do you accept insurance for acupuncture?

Currently, we only accept VA healthcare. However, we are in the process of reviewing other insurance options. If your insurance company covers acupuncture, please let us know and we will look into if we will be able to accept your particular insurance.