Cupping therapy dates back thousands of centuries in the Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. In one of the oldest medical textbooks known to exist, cupping is described as an ancient Egyptian therapy in 1550 B.C.


Our therapists at Treating the Root specialize in glass cupping therapy using original techniques. This treatment stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation, helps with pain relief, providing plenty of healing benefits. Trained in authentic cupping techniques, our procedure uses heat in the cups to produce a vacuum along the treated areas. Cups are left in place for approximately 3 minutes, resulting in blood vessel expansion and toxin expulsion.


Treating the Root offers cupping therapy as an individualized service. If you receive cupping as a part of your acupuncture treatment, it will be at no additional cost. Our personalized wellness services are all designed to help you feel better, relieve pain, ease stress, and live a healthier and happier lifestyle.


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Traditional Cupping Treatment (approx. 15 minutes) $20